Risks and expenses relating to discretionary investment contracts

Risks relating to discretionary investment contracts

Under discretionary investment contracts, we would invest mainly marketable securities such as global/domestic equities and fixed incomes. Market values of these assets are subject to change due to fluctuations in market prices, foreign exchange rates, and so on.
Those investment may incur losses in the initial fiduciary assets, or may damage beyond the initial invested principal amounts.
The contents and characteristics of risks vary according to the contract details, investment guidelines, and so on. Thus, before entering into a contract, prospective clients are requested to first confirm all relevant items within the "Documents prior to conclusion of contract."

Fees relating to discretionary investment contracts

Fees applicable directly and/or indirectly during the period of a discretionary investment contract

An investment management fee will be applicable.
The fee tables to be applied vary depending on the assets, the amount of contract, the contract details, and so on.
Thus, prospective clients are strongly recommended to confirm the fee rate, the maximum fee amounts and other relevant items, within the "Documents prior to conclusion of contract."

Other costs and expenses

There may be variable additional costs incurred, including sales commissions arising from trades of financial products and foreign exchanges, operational fees for trust banks with regard to discretionary investment contracts, the trust fees for investment trust funds in case, and so on.
As the amount and/or the maximum amount of those "other costs and expenses" above vary depending on the details of financial products, the counterparties of trades, the details, and terms of investment, those can not be specified beforehand.
The total costs can not also be specified beforehand due to the aforementioned reasons.

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